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Experience the transformative power of live music right here at The Cat & Fiddle Hotel. If you’re searching for a fantastic venue offering captivating offers when you’re looking for “live music near me” in Balmain, alongside delectable cuisine and tempting cocktails, your quest ends with us! The Cat & Fiddle Hotel welcomes one and all, whether you’re a local seeking familiar vibe, a tourist exploring Sydney’s cultural gems, or simply someone in pursuit of a memorable evening where you can enjoy the most suitable function when you look for “live music near me”.

Dive into the heart of Australian culture at The Cat & Fiddle Hotel and savour the finest option among the results when you search for “live music near me”. Our bistro will surprise your taste buds with a blend of classic pub favourites and contemporary Australian dishes, ensuring a culinary experience to suit every preference. Keep your finger on the pulse of What’s On at the Cat & Fiddle as we regularly curate special events and promotions, promising an evening brimming with excitement and entertainment. We also tell you when there’s a superior function when you look for the best option for “live music near me”.

Discover the extraordinary ambiance of The Cat & Fiddle Hotel, where the perfect fusion of good company, soul-stirring music, and an inviting atmosphere awaits. Our hospitable staff are dedicated to ensuring you feel right at home in our historic two-storey hotel, radiating charm and charisma at every turn. Over the years, we’ve ascended to become one of Balmain’s foremost destinations not only for when you are looking for “live music near me” but also for superior gastronomy and captivating live music experiences. Lose yourself in the enchanting allure of Balmain and immerse yourself in the magic of The Cat & Fiddle Hotel today.

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Monday – Friday : 12.00 pm – 3.00 pm
Saturday – Sunday : All Day

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