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Much like the popular nursery rhyme that lends itself to the hotel’s name, you’re certain to stumble across a few surprises at the Cat & Fiddle Balmain.
And while “Cows Jumping Over Moons” may not be one of them, the Cat, offers something even better … good friends, great music and an amazing atmosphere – always accompanied by friendly welcoming staff, keen to make you feel like a local.
Located less than six kilometres from the Sydney CBD and primely positioned on a corner of Balmain’s celebrated Darling Street, the historical, brick, two-storey hotel is not unlike its nine-lives feline namesake – undergoing numerous facelifts that have revamped it, refurbished it and ultimately resurrected it into one of the suburb’s premium gastro-pubs.

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Initially, established in 1930 as the Star Hotel (making it the second last one to be built in Balmain), the Cat & Fiddle Hotel went on to become a neighbourhood icon in the ‘80s and ‘90s as one of the few live music venues in Sydney – with bands such as The Whitlams, The Waifs and Leonardo’s Bride kicking off their careers there.
After almost a century, it has reclaimed its crown as the king of the inner-west pub jungle, owing to a recent renovation led by veteran hotelier Richard Wynne. The modern set-up includes plush interiors, upgraded air conditioning and a new gaming room. As well as a light-filled, leafy back bar where tables sit under hanging green ferns and a ceiling of sophisticated skylights. (And where dogs, ironically, remain very welcome!)
Today, those thirsty for a luxurious drinking experience with a local touch will undoubtedly find it at the Cat & Fiddle. Open for both an afternoon aperitif or spirit-filled sunset, the hotel’s world-class bar offers a spectacular selection of quality Australian drops (including classic, icy-cold Lion beers on tap) as well as international, award-winning liqueurs and a wine-list carefully hand-selected by a leading sommelier.
Similarly, patrons hungry for a memorable dining destination will definitely not be disappointed, with both the bar and the hotel’s chic in-house restaurant offering a range of options. From upgraded pub grub (a wood-fired pizza oven is the star of the show) at lunch, to the fine trattoria-style Mediterranean menu of the Cat & Fiddle Bistro for dinner. The only thing you’ll be hungry for is the opportunity to repeat your Cat & Fiddle experience sooner rather than later!

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Monday – Friday : 12.00 pm – 3.00 pm
Saturday – Sunday : All Day

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